Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Most guys are obsessed with their penis; it is as simple as that. Is is too small? Does it look funny? Will she like it? These are all things that go through their minds. As an ex-escort myself, I saw it in my work and private life. It is all very natural. Women look at their boobs, vagina and every other part of their body and obsess over it. Why wouldn’t a guy be stressed about his main sexual organ?
I always gave the same advice, and to be fair, as a woman, and an escort, the guys would usually listen to me. There are three points that guys need to remember when it comes to their penis, and all of them can make them more confident lovers.
Man flashes to a very happy woman
Here goes.

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OK, this may sound cruel, but there are guys who focus too much on their willy, whilst letting everything else go.
When the woman is looking at you, she isn’t just waiting for you to drop your pants. She will be looking at how your hair looks, if you have had a shave, are you toned up, what your body odour is like and many other things.
To put simply, you may have a huge willy, but if your gut is hanging over it because you eat kebabs every night, they woman won’t be that turned on! Trust me!

2) REMEMBER THE FOREPLAY - Dubai Massage at HOme

The amount of guys who think they can just slip their penis into a woman and she will be moaning with pleasure is actually incredible.
Remember boys, if the girl isn’t aroused, sticking your thing in there and moving up and down isn’t likely to do the trick, no matter how big it is.
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Remember kissing, fondling breasts, and oral sex. Get the lady worked up before you get to full sex. It won’t really matter how big or small you are then, she will be ready for you.


You may be nervous about the size of your penis, but let’s face it, not everyone will be as big as a porn star. The average size is about 5.5 inches. So don’t worry.
If you keep going on about how small your willy is, then the other person will naturally think you are small because that is the atmosphere you have created. This doesn’t work the other way round however, as if you say you are hung like a horse to over-compensate, the woman will spot it a mile away if you haven’t got a 10 inch cock! But because of her expectations, she will be very disappointed.
So just remember to be yourself, and try not to worry. If you can make yourself a good lover, there will be plenty of Dubai escorts like me who will love their meeting with you. I know they were always my happiest bookings!
And if porn is giving you a false idea of what you should look like, either get a reality check, or stop watching it!

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